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Originally built in 1880 as a grand farm house, the Domaine de Garabaud is now a modern hotel and restaurant that has been totally restored and transformed to provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing stay. Situated on 8 beautifully wooded hectares (or nearly 20 acres) in the rolling foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, which provide the property with a spectacular backdrop.

Here at the Domaine de Garabaud, our goal is to provide you with “active serenity.” You can relax by the pool, quietly immerse yourself in nature, or play tennis, hike, bike, run or even ride at nearby stables. Many of our guests use the Domaine as a jumping off point to visit the region’s natural and historical wonders, including national parks in the Pyrenees mountains, prehistoric caves, the medieval city of Carcassonne, and local castles.

The restaurant specializes in homemade regional cuisine prepared to delight our guests.

Domaine de Garabaud - Certifié Normes Handicaps

Accomodations & Dining

The Hotel

Whether you are with family, friends or colleagues, we offer you comfort and calm. The Domaine is handicap accessible and pet friendly.

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  • Salle de restaurant - Domaine de Garabaud - Mazères

The Restaurant

Specializing in homemade regional cuisine, we offer a different menu every weekday at noon. Group dining events for evenings or weekends may be arranged by contacting us directly.


Our Values


We believe strongly in sustainable practices. We recycle, locally source our ingredients, incorporate a number of energy saving measures, and are constantly seeking ways to incorporate new ideas to improve our service while minimizing our environmental footprint.
Our view is that incorporating sustainable development practices is to move with the times.

A Bridge towards Full-time Employment

We have a team dedicated to training and mentoring individuals returning to the workforce in order to facilitate their transition to full-time professional employment.
The women and men who work here make the Domaine de Garabaud unique and enjoyable.

Domaine de Garabaud

Route de Calmont
Latitude : 43.265335
Longitude : 1.669965
GPS 913 Garabaud, Mazères

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